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Why are Velcro products a good choice for cable management?

Why Velcro for Cable Management

When it comes to cable management, there is no doubt about the usefulness of Velcro. Most people are familiar with Velcro, a series of hook and loop fasteners that strap back onto themselves for secure placement with no hardware needed. Velcro cable management works so well because it is economical and convenient. For example, if you use Velcro cable ties, they allow you to change your wiring configuration over and over again without worry of the ties wearing out -- Velcro can be opened and closed countless times and does not lose its fastening capabilities. Velcro does not damage wire or cables and is safe to use in temperatures of up to 220 F. Velcro is also available in different colors to make Velcro wire management even easier to organize.

What can a PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier do for me?

About the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

There is a 5 outlet PowerSquid on the market called the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier. This is the smallest and the least expensive of the PowerSquid products. If you have 10 devices and only two outlets to plug them into, this device will help you. With this wire management product, you are able to plug in every cord. The model converts one grounded outlet to five grounded adapter-ready outlets and comes with a yellow lighted master switch with 15-amp circuit breaker.

While this is a useful tool, understand that it cannot protect your technology against disasters such as power surges, wiring problems, power line outages and lightening. So if you have very expensive technology that you do not want to take risks with, you might want to use a PowerSquid with surge protection.

What are the three types of PowerSquid products on the market?

PowerSquid Technology

PowerSquid is a powerful wire management tool that comes in three different models -- Calamari, Surge and Outlet Multiplier. Some offer surge protection and some do not. Some have six transformer compatible outlets and some have five. Some have a longer cord length and some have Ultra-MOV technology which means enhanced heat dissipation and 27 percent greater capacity. As you can see, there are differences between the models, so go to to research the products and make the best choice for your needs.

What is a power strip liberator?

Power Strip Liberators for Maximum Power Strip Use

Sure, the PowerSquid is a great solution when you don't want bulky power converters jamming up your entire power strip. But if you don't want to part with your rectangular power strips, there is another solution. You can buy what are called "power strip liberators." These are short three-plugged extension cords that connect your technology to each slot on your power strip. At $10 to $12 for a package of five, they are a cheap solution to your wiring problem.

What is a joule?

The Heart of a Surge Protector

When buying surge protectors, you will notice a term called "joule" applied often. This term indicates the heart or life of a surge protector. For example, some PowerSquids have 3240 joules and some have 1000 joules, etc.

Every time a surge comes through the line, some of the surge protector's joules are depleted. Therefore, the higher the joule rating on a product, the more protection you have.

How does the PowerSquid surge protector work?

PowerSquid Offers Surge Protection

The popular PowerSquid power management device that allows you to hook up five or more adapter-ready outlets on flexible arms also offers a PowerSquid surge protector model. If there is a power surge or outage, this product automatically shuts off to protect connected equipment. If the surge protection is no longer functioning it will block power to the outlets, protecting your equipment and letting you know that the PowerSquid needs to be replaced.

How can I manage my power distribution needs?

EZWIND Extension Cord Organizer

If you are setting up a piece of equipment for a temporary project, your extension cord that is probably prone to tangle. Fumbling with extension cords wastes your time and can create hazards in the classroom. The EZWIND Cord Organizer is a very clever wire organizer for managing extension cords. You can easily wind and unwind just the right amount of wire, and it allows you to unwind from either end of the cord. It can also add years to the life of your cords because the special center post can help you avoid aggravating twists and curls that seem to creep into most extension cords.

How can I protect my cables?

Color Code Your Wires

Keep your multimedia and educational electronics in good order and show your students a great example of science! Heat shrink tubing is made up of plastic that is only partially polymerized. (Polymerization is a chemical reaction which forms polymers by sticking a group of monomers together. A monomer is a group of atoms that are stuck together.) Heat is what's necessary to complete the chemical reaction. You can think of it as if the plastic is only part-way formed before exposed to the heat. As the separate monomers in the plastic are polymerized, they get closer together, making the plastic denser, which causes the tube to shrink. But because the polymerization reaction is one-way, the tube won't expand again once it cools down. Show your students how heat shrink tubing works and organize your wiring at the same time!

What is a good way to route cables inexpensively?

Routing cables and cords

Education classroom organization ideas: If you need to temporarily run one or several cords over a route, you'll want some way to mount cables that can be taken down without leaving a hole or other mark. Check out cord bundlers as an option. 3M™ Cord Bundler is an example of a simple, effective solution. When removed, these products, leave no holes, marks or sticky residue. The Cord Bundler, which has a flexible rubber strap that folds up to lock into an oval plate that attaches to a variety of flat surfaces, creates a loop to hold multiple wires. It can easily be moved over and over again with available adhesive replacement strips.

How can I protect my classroom cables?

Protecting Your Students and Your Data

Classrooms are full of klutzy, growing kids and technology that uses cords. Additionally, if you are a teacher with your desk facing the classroom and you have a computer on that desk, chances are that your computer cables and running off the back or side and creating a potential tripping hazard. Cord covers will help you. They are designed for situations just like yours. They are easy to install and designed to protect cords and people from tripping over cords! Measure your length twice (always!), cut the customizable and flexible plastic cord cover to fit and stick it down with adhesive or double stick tape. Get a color to match the carpet of your classroom or if safety is a big issue, order a bright yellow one for the sake of visibility. This will keep your computer and students safe from bumbling and growing feet or rambunctious playful runners.

What is a good way to organize my cables?

Retractable cords and cables

Need to plug your laptop into an internet connection in the library or other remote location? Retractable phone cords and modem cords are a perfect wire organizer. This handy and inexpensive travel companion is a must for anyone who has ever wrestled with short, tangled or broken phone cords trying to get connected. The auto retractable phone cords spool provides 8 feet of phone cable in a compact, durable and pocket-sized case.

How can I protect my cables?

Cord Covers

Sometimes an ongoing project that runs equipment cables across halls, floors, or other areas with foot traffic. You risk damage to your cables, your floor, and it creates a very real tripping hazard. Sure, you can duct-tape them to the floor, but what you really need are cord covers. These tough plastic devices keep your cords and cables from getting damaged when they get stepped on or rolled over. The best part about floor cord covers is that they are economical and can fit into your educational technology budget. Schools have little enough money to spend as it is - so consider these cost effective solutions to meet the growing technological needs of your school community.

What is a good way to organize my cables?

Braided sleeving

Looking for education classroom organization ideas? Braided sleeving is another great option for educational cable organizing. Not only is it useful, it can look really cool! Braided Sleeving can come in UV reactive orange and UV reactive blue and green. Upon close inspection of the braid you can see that it's made up of a bunch of little X or diamond shaped fibers all bunched together and overlapping each other to indeed create a perfect, high quality looking circular surrounding for the cables in your computer. The colors and details are fun and innovative and you can talk to your students about carbon fiber and UV reactivity.

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