Protecting Your Students and Your Data

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How can I protect my classroom cables?

Protecting Your Students and Your Data

Classrooms are full of klutzy, growing kids and technology that uses cords. Additionally, if you are a teacher with your desk facing the classroom and you have a computer on that desk, chances are that your computer cables and running off the back or side and creating a potential tripping hazard. Cord covers will help you. They are designed for situations just like yours. They are easy to install and designed to protect cords and people from tripping over cords! Measure your length twice (always!), cut the customizable and flexible plastic cord cover to fit and stick it down with adhesive or double stick tape. Get a color to match the carpet of your classroom or if safety is a big issue, order a bright yellow one for the sake of visibility. This will keep your computer and students safe from bumbling and growing feet or rambunctious playful runners.



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