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How can a wire loom help organize my cables?

Managing and Storing Extension Cords

No busy mechanic shop is without a few extension cords stretching about. If you're not careful, they can be a hazard, and many cords are prone to tangling. The solution? You should look for a cord organizer! A terrific example is the EZWIND Cord Organizer which is a very clever wire organizer for managing extension cords. Using this tool you can easily unwind just the right amount of cord, from either end of the cord. EZWIND features an innovative center post that helps avoid aggravating twists and curls that seem to creep into many extension cords. This keeps your automotive wires well organized and keeps your shop safe.

How can heat shrink tubing help me organize my cables?

Color Code Your Wires

Which cable is the positive lead? If you are a car enthusiast fixing or experimenting with rewiring your car, you need to take precautions. Make sure and mark the positive cable with a red piece of heat shrink tubing. Heat shrink tubing is also available in yellow and green stripes for ground lines. Moreover, good heat shrink tubing can add protection to your cables against chemicals and extreme temperatures, as well as abrasion.

How can I organize my automotive wiring without causing damage?

Don't Get Stranded, Keep Your Automotive Wires in High Gear

Automotive wire organization information:
Automotive enthusiasts, especially those of the vintage variety, are always struggling with wiring and bundling their delicate (and sometimes equally vintage) automotive wire. Cable ties can be very useful in this scenario, especially those that are rated for higher temperatures, outdoor conditions and more delicate wires. Panduit cable ties hit all three of these features, making them a versatile and useful automotive wiring solution. Because they are not agressive on your wires, they in fact, help preserve them. Additionally, they are inexpensive enough so that you can replace them frequently or toss them out when you need to rewire your engine or add another electrical component.

How can a wire loom help organize my cables?

Protecting Cords in the Garage

When you are working on automotive engine wire organization, keeping your cables and wires neat is a challenge. Getting this problem under control is very easy with a wire loom. Made from flexible corrugated plastic tubing, it can also protect your wires from most automotive fluids as well as friction and abrasion. Most wire looms can also withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees F.

How can a wire loom help organize my cables?

Cord Covers

Sometimes an ongoing project means automotive cables across the floor and other areas with foot or vehicle traffic. You risk damage to your cables and wires and it creates tripping hazards. Sure, you can duct-tape them to the floor, or you can do the job right with cord cover. These tough plastic devices keep your cords and cables from getting damaged when they get stepped on or rolled over. They help keep your garage neat and protect your valuable cables.

What is a good way to organize my cables?

Braided sleeving

Looking for automotive wire organization information? When you are under the hood, you may want to organize your automotive cables for utility, or for a more creative reason. Cable ties are one way to organize the cables and lines under the hood, but braided sleeving is a better wire organizer. Why? Braided sleeving is expandable, so it fits over big, bulky connectors. And it's flexible, so it fits easily into tight spots. Braided sleeving also comes in different colors, which makes it easier to keep track of cables. It's abrasion resistant and resists chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures. It's easy to use, and gives your cables a more professional look.

How can I power something from my car?

Power from your Car

Need to power something from your car? The Belkin Universal 120W DC Power Adapter will power and charge your devices virtually anywhere. This ultralight Adapter powers virtually all your portable devices from your car's lighter port or from an airplane's DC outlet. It includes a five-piece set of Intelli-Tip™ connectors that work with a host of laptops. At only 2.0 ounces, the Universal Power Adapter provides a convenient, compact power distribution and charging solution.

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