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What are the three types of cable raceways?

Three Types of Cable Raceways

According to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a regulating agency for cable management products, there are three different types of cable raceways -- plenum, risers and general purpose. It is helpful to know the differences between them when shopping for wire management products.

  • A raceway marked "plenum" is for use in ducts, plenums or other spaces used for environmental air when used to enclose optical fiber cables marked OFNP or communications cable marked CMP or CMP-OF. Plenum is a space, in a building, between the real ceiling and the dropped ceiling often used as an air duct for heating and air conditioning. It is also filled with electrical, telephone and network wires. Plenum raceways use a fire retardant coating that must comply with local building codes.
  • A raceway marked "riser" is suitable for installation in risers when used to enclose optical fiber cable marked OFNP and OFNR or communications cable marked CMP, CMP-OF, CMR or CMR-OF.
  • A raceway with neither the marking "plenum" nor "riser" is suitable for general purpose use.

What are some cable raceways for the office?

Panduit and Wiremold Raceways for the Office

Panduit and Wiremold are both top wire management companies that offer products such as cable raceways. Here is an example of some raceways for your office, courtesy of Panduit and Wiremold:

  • Panduit Pan-Way Office Furniture Raceway: routes, protects and conceals copper, voice, video, fiber optic and power cabling. It is intended to make upgrades and equipment moves easier. It routes cable along the often unused top part of the office partition. It is designed to work with major office furniture panels and results in an almost invisible solution. Includes a one-piece hinge and tamper resistant closure that prevents access to cables.
  • Wiremold Low Voltage Surface Raceways: designed with a flexible hinge for easy installation and frequent opening and closing. A self-locking latch offers wire security. Surface raceways are used in schools, hospitals and offices to guide cables to each workstation. Raceways can be custom cut and painted to match the decor of the room. They are available in 5-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths.

What are some wire duct tools on the market?

Wire Duct Tools

When you are installing wire duct, there are tools on the market designed specifically to help you. Here are some examples of wire duct tools designed for Panduit Panduct wiring duct and what they do, courtesy of Panduit:

  • Wiring duct cutting tool: a hand-held duct cutting tool that allows you to create a smooth cut when cutting wiring ducts, covers and heat shrink tubing
  • Wiring duct finger cutting tool: hand-held cutting tool that removes individual fingers or panels on the wiring duct
  • Wiring duct notching tool: used to notch the duct sidewall down to the scoreline for easier finger breakouts
  • Nylon rivet installation tool: used to install rivets into the wiring duct

What is an electrical raceway?

Electrical Raceway Hides Wire

Gone are the days when a boom box and two attached speakers made up the sound system in your living room. Speakers for a home theater system in the new millennium consist of several speakers positioned all around your living room to create surround sound. And with all these speakers, sometimes more than six, come lots and lots of speaker wires.

There are electrical raceways or wiring raceways available to protect and conceal wires with the added bonus of blending into your walls. Your wire is fed through these products with triangular corners that tuck into your wall crevices and look like crown molding or baseboards. They offer a finished appearance while hiding your wires.

What can protective eyewear do for me?

Protect Your Eyes When Using Tools

When dealing with wire installation tools, it is important to protect yourself. You are mistaken if you think a hand tool cannot bring damage to your face. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) about 1,000 eye injuries happen in American workplaces each day. And about 70 percent of eye injuries on the job are caused by flying particles in which the particles are smaller than a pin head. When tugging on wires there is plenty of opportunity for your eyes to become injured. Make sure you wear eyewear that meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and OSHA requirements so you know you are being well protected. About 90 percent of eye injuries can be avoided with proper eye wear, according to OSHA.

Klein Tools sells special eye wear that meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements. And with the contemporary designs out today, wearing protective eye wear can be stylish, too. Here is what a pair of protective glasses can do for you:

  • Anti-fog coating to keep your lenses from fogging up when you work
  • Anti-scratch coating to prevent scratching on your lenses
  • Protection from UVA and UVB radiation
  • Clear peripheral vision
  • A frame and lens ventilation channel reduces moisture build up and fogging
  • Brow guard for impact energy absorption
  • Unobstructed vision
  • Side shield
  • Universal molded-in nose piece
  • Brown tint for outdoor use
  • Choice of color

What is so great about Klein Tools' Journeyman tools?

Klein Tools' Popular Journeyman Line

Klein Tools is known for its Journeyman premium tools collection. These tools, whether they are pliers or wire cutters or crimping tools, are state-of-the-art with contoured, cushioned handles and a contoured thumb area that make working comfortable. They are also color-coded yellow, dark blue, red or light blue for quick identification of the tool.

The non-slip handle surface of Klein's Journeyman tools provides a firmer grip without sacrificing tool strength or durability. These handles have two facets: a soft handle on the outer surface that is comfortable and provides a good grip, as well as a hard, inner surface that is intended to stand up to harsh work environments.

Journeyman tools also carry a lifetime warranty.

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