About the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

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What can a PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier do for me?

About the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

There is a 5 outlet PowerSquid on the market called the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier. This is the smallest and the least expensive of the PowerSquid products. If you have 10 devices and only two outlets to plug them into, this device will help you. With this wire management product, you are able to plug in every cord. The model converts one grounded outlet to five grounded adapter-ready outlets and comes with a yellow lighted master switch with 15-amp circuit breaker.

While this is a useful tool, understand that it cannot protect your technology against disasters such as power surges, wiring problems, power line outages and lightening. So if you have very expensive technology that you do not want to take risks with, you might want to use a PowerSquid with surge protection.



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