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How can I protect my privacy while using a wireless Internet connection?

Protecting Your Privacy

When setting up a wireless server at home, do not be hasty in your installation. Always make sure you are properly protecting your signal and your information. Otherwise, people can hijack your bandwidth and/or invade your privacy. To combat this, always change the default administrative passwords on your new system. Also, install a reputable and updated security program. Make sure this service includes virus protection and a firewall capability. When you are notified by your network security system that updates are available, be sure to update. Also, perform a virus scan of your hard drive once a week.

Should we allow our office handyman to install our network cables?

Hire A Licensed Cable Installer

Many wireless network problems are the result of improper cable installations on servers and other equipment. Even the largest companies have found the root of their connection problems to be the person or persons they hired to connect certain cables. Wireless technology has a deceiving name, as it is very often dependent on wires in certain areas. Always hire a reputable installer to handle such tasks.

How do I maintain my wireless equipment?

Maintaining Your Wireless Equipment

From high-speed Internet to your security system's remote control, you must perform certain tasks in order to keep your wireless equipment functioning properly. Some equipment, such as a universal remote, may require updating from time to time. Remote controls like Logitech's Harmony series are easy to update. They merely connect to a computer with a USB port and download information to keep it properly configured. Also, a wireless Internet connection may require security updates from your Internet service provider in order to protect your network from intruders. Other wireless equipment around the home and office may need only the simple replacement of batteries to keep it maintained. Rechargeable batteries are the most economical answer for those with a lot of wireless equipment.

What is a common mistake made by wireless users?

Don't Pass On The Warranty

One of the most common mistakes in the management of a wireless network is skimping on the system's warranty. Should problems arise in the near future with your equipment and the manufacturer sees you don't have a warranty, you may have to eat your original purchase and buy a new system. The results can be devastating for a large company or even a common household that doesn't have the spare income to purchase a brand new wireless system (not to mention the data you could lose).

How can I prevent my network server from shutting down during a power outage?

Avoid Unnecessary Service Interruptions

Power outages, whether from bad weather or other causes, can result in a mess for wireless networks. Signal interruptions of any kind can lose precious amounts of data for both home users and office personnel. The easiest answer to the problem of power outages is the use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To ensure that your network's UPS will make it through the outage without going down itself, have the battery replaced every two years. Companies that try to cut corners and refuse to regularly replace their backup battery systems are flirting with disaster during storm season.

What are the benefits of wireless Internet?

The Benefits Of Wireless Internet

With a wireless Internet router, you can work and play with your computer just about anywhere. Although a wireless connection only works while it is in range of a wireless server, more and more places already come equipped with a signal. From coffee shops to colleges, the Internet travels with you. By setting up a wireless server in your home (the cost is nominal), you can enjoy the service in any room or out in the garden while relaxing. Some metropolitan areas are being wired for Internet signals all over by local city government. This is often a welcome and convenient gift to their citizens.

How can I prevent service interruption when using wireless equipment?

Maintaining Wireless Signals

Although it is often more convenient to be without the mess of wire and cords, wireless equipment does have its problems on occasion. The biggest drawback to wireless equipment is the problems you may experience with maintaining a signal. There are things you can do, however, that will reduce the amount of signal interruption in your wireless equipment. First, you should try to keep the number of wireless network servers in one area to a minimum. The more servers around, the more “noise”, meaning there are too many signals in the air to perform flawlessly. Don't despair, as many machines can be configured to one server. Likewise, a remote can be universal and programmed to control many machines. A Logitech Harmony universal remote control has the ability to work on home entertainment systems and various other household machines, such as the security system or automatic curtains. The less signals in the house, the better your connections will be.

Should I worry about memory incapacity in the future?

Plan For Growth

When installing a wireless network system, always plan for growth. Whether for home or office use, it is better to have too much memory space than not enough. Some will find that, down the road, they should have opted for more space and they are now unable to upgrade. The result? The need for a completely new substation (at the very least). So, what may seem like a way to save money now may in fact cost a bundle in a few short years.

How do I program my universal remote controls?

Setting Up Your Universal Remote Control

When configuring your remote for the various machines it will control, you will first need to gather all of your equipment's information. Brand names and model numbers will usually suffice, as you will often be given a list of equipment descriptions with your remote's instruction manual. Often, each piece of equipment will have a corresponding code to enter into the remote control. This can be time consuming and it is very important to follow each step closely. Otherwise, you may have to enter many codes again. Some modern universal remotes, such as those from Logitech's Harmony series like the Logitech Harmony Remote Control, offer a simpler route. Instead of manually configuring the codes, you simply connect the remote to the computer with a USB port and download the information.

Is there a faster communications technology than fiber optic cables?

Free Space Optics: The Newest In Wireless Technology

Free space optics (FSO) is the newest alternative to sending information through wires or via radio frequency. This technology sends data through laser beams that are pointed at mirrored telescopes, which in turn continue to carry the data until it reaches its destination. This process of communication is much faster than light traveling along wires or even radio waves. In fact, the technology is so fast and unobtrusive, it doesn't require a spectrum license, such as radio operations do. The only drawback to FSO technology is the poor performance in a foggy atmosphere. The dense, moist particles in the air interrupt the signal for a short while. However, it still remains the fastest way to send large amounts of data with wireless technology.

How can I find a WiFi hotspot when I travel?

Finding WiFi Hotspots

A WiFi hotspot is a service provided to the public that allows them to sign onto the Internet with a wireless connection. Airports, hotels and coffeehouses, to name a few establishments, provide Wifi hotspots. Some are paid, while others are free. In order to locate one while traveling, plan ahead by doing an Internet search of WiFi hotspot sites. These sites often list places with WiFi capabilities by state, city or type of establishment. These searchable sites will also note whether or not the service is free and what configurations you will have to enter before enjoying the wireless service.

How do I gain wireless Internet access at home?

The Simplicity Of Wireless Internet

Both DSL and cable Internet providers allow for wireless connections. New laptops and PCs come with the capability built in, so that only leaves the actual router to purchase. Luckily, wireless routers are available for a nominal fee. In fact, a home wireless router can be bought for as low as $69. From there, you will merely install the router's software onto the computer. Configuration is user-friendly, as an installation program will walk you through everything you need to know. In fact, from the time you come home with your wireless router, you should be accessing your WiFi service in less than an hour. As with most new computer technology, it is designed for the masses, thus simple to use.

How can I acquire a quick network signal for my new office building?

Quick Wireless Installation

For offices and institutions that require the quickest installation of network technology, free space optics (FSO) can literally be a lifesaver. Many new hospitals have discovered that they can quickly get their wireless systems up and running without the delay of digging for optical cable installation. Digging to install cables is not only time consuming in its own right, there are also permits that must be acquired. With free space optics, signals can quickly be installed on rooftops and they provide very rapid transfer of large amounts of data.

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