Buying Bundled

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How can I get discounts on my cable organization needs?

Buying Bundled

Looking for advice on eliminating cable clutter?
When you are shopping for home or office cable organization gear, you should look for bundled offers that will offer a price break on installation items and accessories.

Remember that most of these solutions require some sort of installation gear, meaning they just won't come out of the box and stay where they are supposed to. Most cord covers need adhesive or double stick tape and if you are looking at cable raceways, you will need accessories for capping the ends or for the corners of your room. If you get confused by all of this, you are not alone.

Take detailed measurements of your room and make sure you know what your configuration needs to be. Additionally, remember that data and sound can be degraded the longer your cables get, so choose the location of your system wisely and plan your cable runs accordingly.

Ask their advice on top quality cables as well - if you are going to the trouble of doing all of this right, you might as well use the best and make your investment really worth it. If you get completely lost, call your provider or find a real expert in the store.



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