Eliminating Cable Length

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How can I solve my cable length issue?

Eliminating Cable Length

So you have your cable raceway installed on your office baseboard and you even have your wiremold cord cover running from the desk to the wall, but you still have the ungainly length of cables from your computer. I mean, you can only shove the cables in so far before they become kinked and backed up and ruin the intention of protecting your wiring.

This is when you need a nifty gadget to keep your cables nicely looped an out of the way. You can either go with cable ties, which will keep them bundled - these are ideal if your desk is facing a wall, because this solution is not pretty, or you can go with something like a cable caddy.

Cable caddy's are cool because they mount to any flat surface, be it beneath your VCR or DVD player, on the inside of your desk or on the side of your PC. You loop your cables around them and poof, the length issue is gone and it doesn't look messy.



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