Plan Ahead with Metal Over Floor Raceways

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What should I consider when planning my server room?

Plan Ahead with Metal Over Floor Raceways

Large server rooms filled to the ceiling with racks and wires can change and get out of hand very quickly. When you are troubleshooting, who knows how many patch cables you will have to run from here to there.

When you are desiging your server room, you may want to incorporate metal over floor raceways into the budget. Create a grid like pattern allowing access to either end of the raceway between your server racks. You can run the cables, and pull cables through when you need to and they will be protected from wandering foot traffic or the occasional AV cart running through.

If the metal cord covers are too cumbersome, look at plastic or rubber cord covers as an alternative. They are lighter and easier to configure in a pinch, although they may not be as durable.



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