Designing Your Network Cable Management System

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What should I consider when designing a cable management system?

Designing Your Network Cable Management System

Computer wire management advice: If you are a network engineer and you are seeking a solution for the morass of wires that your growing company has saddled you with, you may want to consider the various wire duct solutions at your fingetips.

The most important aspect of wire solution design is scalability. You want something that will grow with your company so you aren't hampered with an entire system conversion down the line.

Additionally, you want to choose a network cable management system that will be gentle on your cable, or else you risk network performance degredation and ultimate increases in costs due to cable replacement. Make sure you design your cable wiring system with these things in mind and you are sure to create a successful solution.



1/20/2009 1:37:00 AM
Dave said:

I have installed 2376 HP servers in 2 data centers over a 33 month period.
Models include: DL360, DL380, DL385, DL580, DL585, and C7000

I have been told that my cabling is a work of art. I am asked why I install the patch cables so neatly. I give them 3 reasons.
1) It facilitates better air flow. I insist on right-size cables. This keeps the amount of cable in the cable management arm to a minimum which allows hot air from the back of the server to escape better.
2) Better operation of the cable management arm when extending the server out of the rack for service. One should be able to pull the server out 1000 times and the cabling remains neat and enacted.
3) It looks good. There is a sense of pride when your multi-million dollar data center looks like a multi-million dollar data center.

Currently, I am working as an Analyst teaching others how to properly cable servers and teaching them about the vision of having the neatest data center on the planet.



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