Protect Your Cables as You Organize Them

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How can I protect my cables as I get them organized?

Protect Your Cables as You Organize Them

If you have a home office, or a small business office, you may have tried to organize your cables, and damaged them inadvertantly?

How many cables have you had to try to get solid access to your LAN or internet connection?

How many miles of cable are you running to keep up with your growth in a new office environment?

Make sure when you start to get organized that you use the right tool for the job. Cable ties are all well and good for bundling your cables neatly, but have you made sure they won't damage your cables?

Ensure that your cable ties have a "low threading force" and you will be ensuring organization without damage. Basically this means that the cable tie will be secure, but will not squeeze or cut your cables - very important in your more delicate wiring!



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