Access Floors Make Great Floor Cable Protectors

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Why does an access floor make a great floor cable protector?

Access Floors Make Great Floor Cable Protectors

If you are dealing with a busy office or data center full of computers and electronics then you are dealing with a lot of wires. You may want to consider an access floor instead of above-the-floor cable covers.

An access floor is a raised floor that your cables are arranged underneath of. Access floors allow for great cabling capacity. For example, an access floor raised 6 inches provides a 4-inch wire management chamber for you to fill. And a steel access floor is a great floor cable protector. It feels just like you're walking on concrete, yet the wires beneath are easily accessible.

As a bonus, according to Processor Magazine, an access floor can even out uneven floors and also allow for an underfloor HVAC, which improves air quality, lowers energy bills and can provide temperature control to individual work stations.



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