What Cable Cords Do

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What is a cable cover?

What Cable Cords Do

CableOrganizer.com Tip: The goal is to hide all the cables running through your living room after your home theater equipment has left a spaghetti mess of wires on your floor. The solution is cable covers and wire covers.

Cable covers control, manage, protect and hide cables while they do their job of powering your electronics. Not only do they provide cable protection, but they decrease the chance of a tripping hazard in your home.

There are all kinds of cable covers and wire covers on the market in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are long like a snake, some are in a box form where you can wind the cord around each end and cover, some are enclosed completely, some can be locked and others are shaped like a "J." Some run along baseboards or floors and others can be mounted on walls. You can get them in colors such as black, gray, beige, brown and safety yellow. Decide which type of cable cover fits your needs best.

You can buy light capacity cable covers for most jobs in your home for anywhere between $5 and $75. For bigger jobs and commercial use, they can cost hundreds of dollars.



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