Cable Management for Home Theater Systems

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What types of cable management products will help me manage my home theater system?

Cable Management for Home Theater Systems

There are cable management solutions for making your home theater system look as sharp as your new high definition plasma TV. Here are some cable management products for your home theater, courtesy of

  • Home theater slide out racks and rotating shelving systems to store your technology in an eye-pleasing and easy-to-access way
  • Surge suppressors protect your equipment from power surges
  • High performance speaker cables
  • Wire strippers to access your wiring
  • Crimp and compression tools to connect cabling
  • Telescoping poles to aid you in handling wire in hard-to-reach areas along ceilings and inside walls and crawl spaces
  • Digital multimeters can measure voltage and currents
  • Braided sleeving to organize and protect your wires
  • Raceways hold, guide and protect wires and blend into your walls for a clean, finished appearance
  • Wire looms hide cables



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