Cable Management Guide

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What are the steps I should take for cable management?

Cable Management Guide

You hear the term "spaghetti" used a lot to describe the wiry mess under your desk that is in desperate need of cable organizers. While you may not mind the spaghetti mess at first, experts say you will surely start to mind when it comes time to make a change or troubleshoot under there.

So if you've made the decision to finally tackle that mess of wires in your home, here is a cable management guide that highlights the steps to take, courtesy of

  1. Lift all your cables and devices off the floor and label your cables and wires
  2. Lift your CPU off the floor with a good CPU holder. This will protect it from liquid spills and unintentional kicks.
  3. Protect your equipment from power surges. There are products that make room for bulky power adapters and also offer surge protection.
  4. Harness and guide all cables to their destination. Do this by using clips, clamps, straps and ties.
  5. Hide and protect exposed cables. There is a wide variety of cable covers on the market that can run cables over the floor, along the wall, along the baseboard or over the back of your desk.
  6. Keep docking cables readily available. There are products that can keep laptop docking cables secured to the desktop and ready for instant use.



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