Wire Duct Tools

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What are some wire duct tools on the market?

Wire Duct Tools

When you are installing wire duct, there are tools on the market designed specifically to help you. Here are some examples of wire duct tools designed for Panduit Panduct wiring duct and what they do, courtesy of Panduit:

  • Wiring duct cutting tool: a hand-held duct cutting tool that allows you to create a smooth cut when cutting wiring ducts, covers and heat shrink tubing
  • Wiring duct finger cutting tool: hand-held cutting tool that removes individual fingers or panels on the wiring duct
  • Wiring duct notching tool: used to notch the duct sidewall down to the scoreline for easier finger breakouts
  • Nylon rivet installation tool: used to install rivets into the wiring duct



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