Temporary Offices Need Temporary Cord Protection

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How do I protect my cords when my office is always relocating or moving?

Temporary Offices Need Temporary Cord Protection

Offices exist in all shapes and sizes and you may be one of those lucky (or unlucky) folks who set up temporary digs all over the country and world. Maybe you are a lighting specialist on concert tour or a travelling carnival with electrical cords running all over a parking lot. You are going to need to protect cords from pedestrians, even if you are the one in the air conditioned trailer or ticket booth.

When you are planning for your equipment needs, make sure you fit drop over cord covers into your budget. They make them for light traffic and small cords to those that can take the weight of cars rolling over them. These cord covers are well rated and used in dozens of industries. They are entirely appropriate for outdoor use and they come in short interlocking pieces so they can cover a short or long distance. Don't waste money on cord replacement for small or large machinery.



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