Unique Office Environment? Unique Cable Organization.

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I have a unique office configuration, how can I protect my cords?

Unique Office Environment? Unique Cable Organization.

In open office environments, aethetics may demand that your desk face out into a room, or that your desk be "floating" mid office. Not everyone is in a vast grid of cubicles.

This kind of environment can create a cable management nightmare. Phone and computer lines are probably running off in every direction of your desk and you may be tripping over them, sending your phone or your computer or your moniter crashing to the floor. Clearly you need to a solution to this before you damage yourself or have to spend money replacing your computer and phone.

There are wiremold cord covers that run along walls, but you need a solution that will cross open space and keep wires and cables neat while protecting them. You can consider a cord protector for this problem, they are flexible, come in colors that will most likely bland in with your carpet and can be installed by anyone. They are made of plastic and have a simple slit on the bottom in which to insert your cords. They can then be secured to the floor by double stick tape and they are engineered to stay flat so they won't trip you up.

Invest in a solution like this before you destroy something really valuable, not to mention potentially damaging yourself.



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