Computers, Cases and Your Remote Staff

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What should my company do about laptop cases for our travelling staff?

Computers, Cases and Your Remote Staff

If your sales force is on the run, traveling with expensive computer equipment, and you have sent them out with just a standard case, you are asking for trouble.

Any company that doesn't invest in protective carrying cases, like a pelican laptop attaché case, should just wait for the call from their sheepish employee when the computer is destroyed because the travel case wasn't durable.

The pelican laptop case comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying and will protect your technology investment from being dropped, rained on or just mishandled by a clumsy bellboy - or even a clumsy employee!

If you have a cluster of laptops that get checked out for traveling employees, or you have folks that are always on the road, you should consider investigating protective travel cases. In the long run, the up front investment will ensure that the technology lasts longer. This doesn't fix the quick obsolescence of technology in today's marketplace, but at least you will have a shot at getting your money's worth!



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