Cord Covers

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How can a wire loom help organize my cables?

Cord Covers

It's a fact of life; sometimes you have just put together an office or you may have an ongoing project that end up forcing you to run computer cables across halls, floors, or other areas with foot or even vehicle traffic. You risk damage to your cables, your floor, and it creates a potentially dangerous tripping hazard. There are alternative solutions you can consider. Look at light capacity cord covers to protect your cables and your employees! You can even get more innovative and consider a raised floor cable management systems. Think out of the box!



9/6/2011 8:44:32 AM
Dustin said:

If you're going to throw out ideas for solutions to problems, wouldn't posting photos be a good idea as well? That way we can SEE what you're talking about. For example, Raised Floor Cable management my brain I thought of 30 different things that COULD be similar...but might not work, so I go searching and searching and searching...on "another site" instead of just doing it once throughout on yours.


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