Don't Forget Your Server Rack

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What should I think about when shopping for a server rack?

Don't Forget Your Server Rack Tip: While shopping for computer racks to organize your office, don't forget to think about server rack cable management.

Server racks are usually a metal enclosure or piece of furniture designed to build and hold computer servers, monitors, network equipment and more. A good server rack will protect, secure and make it easy to reconfigure and manage your electronics.

When shopping for server racks consider a few things, such as size and capacity. Be sure that the size of the rack fits well in the space you will be putting in. Also, think about weight limits and how much equipment you're placing on the rack.

Configuration is another important element. Will you require sliding shelves or ones that are fixed in place? Consider how your equipment will be connected.

Security of your equipment is important. There are varying degrees of security when it comes to server racks. The least secure server racks are simply open frames, while a very secure rack will likely have four solid panels with a lock around the equipment.

Other things to consider are whether you want steel or aluminum, do you want access to your equipment through side panels, do you care about color, do you want a locking mechanism and do you want vented doors or panels. As you can see, there is much to consider when shopping for a server rack.



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