Cable Tray Wiring Systems

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What is a cable tray wiring system?

Cable Tray Wiring Systems Tip: A cable tray wiring system is a rigid structural support system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways.

Need some more information on cable trays? Check out these facts about cable trays, courtesy of Cooper B-line, a manufacturer of support systems and enclosures for the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications industries.

  • Standard lengths for cable trays are 10, 12, 20 and 24 feet.
  • Choosing which cable tray you need depends on what the cable tray must support, the distance between the cable tray supports and the ease of handling and installation, among other things.
  • A cable tray wiring system is often chosen because of its safety features, dependability and the fact that it saves space, time and money on design, material and installation.
  • A ladder cable tray is used often because the rungs offer a convenient anchor for tying down cables, cables can exit or enter at the top or bottom of the tray, it's well ventilated and moisture cannot accumulate
  • A channel cable tray is ideal for cable tray runs involving a small number of cables
  • A ventilated trough cable tray is often used when there is no desire to use a ladder cable tray to support small diameter multiconductor control and instrumentation cables. These trays have a neat appearance because no dropping of the small diameter cables is visible.
  • A solid bottom cable tray is sometimes preferred because it supports large numbers of small diameter control and multiconductor instrumentation cables. However, unlike ventilated trough and ladder, these trays can collect and contain moisture.



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