Computer Racks Organize Your Office

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What can a computer rack do for me?

Computer Racks Organize Your Office Tip: A computer rack can do so much for your office cable management. It's amazing what an enclosed monitor, some sliding shelves and sliding keyboard drawers can do. A computer rack means your cables and wires are hidden and out of the way.

Computer racks come in many shapes, sizes and materials. There are computer racks made of heavy duty perforated metal with locked plexi-glass doors for extra security and there are simple chrome racks consisting of a few shelves on wheels for something inexpensive, mobile and easy to access. A cable rack can cost you less than $100 or several thousand dollars, depending on how elaborate you'd like to get with your set up and how many accessories you'd like to include. There are more than 100 different computer rack accessories available to help you customize your computer rack for your needs. Accessories include fans, shelves, side panels, power strips and more.



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