About Wall Mount Racks

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What is a wall mount rack?

About Wall Mount Racks

CableOrganizer.com Tip: The workplace goal in the new millennium is a space that is organized and easily accessible for upgrades and reconfigurations. A cable management rack helps to do just that.

A wall mount rack creates an area for your equipment where space is limited or does not exist. In other words, if you are lacking a telecommunications room or your existing room is very cramped, you can store equipment right on the wall by putting up a wall mount rack with shelving inside.

Wall mount racks make it easy to secure and access your equipment. They are available in different height and depths. There are two basic styles of wall mount racks:

  • Fixed wall mount rack: holds more weight -- up to several hundred pounds in equipment
  • Swing gate wall mount rack: pivots open to provide easier access to the rear of the equipment, but holds much less weight than fixed wall mount racks
There are wall mount racks that are made only for indoors and are not made for plenum spaces or industrial or harsh environments. So, make sure you are getting a wall mount rack that is right for your needs.



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