Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing

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What are some types of Raychem heat shrink tubing?

Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing

Raychem heat shrink tubing offers both thin wall and dual wall options. Thin wall heat shrink tubing is used for insulation, strain relief and protection against mechanical damage and abrasion, while dual wall shrink tubing is used as a corrosion protector and sealant. Here are some product lines offered by Raychem, which can be found at www.raychem.com:

  • Altera: high-performance, medical grade, heat shrinkable, single-wall tubing used for medical purposes, such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, catheter systems, laboratory equipment and sensors.
  • ATUM: adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable tubing that provides sealing and strain relief.
  • MicroFit: offers small-diameter tubing for fine-gauge wire applications. Compared to other microtubing solutions, MicroFit products provide lower shrink temperatures, better strain relief and enhanced bonding properties.
  • Versafit: cheaper and better looking than tape-wrap, this covers a crimped terminal and provides reliable electrical insulation and strain relief.
  • RW-175: a tough, high temperature, thin wall insulation tubing that is transparent, non-burning, semi-rigid tubing with superior resistance to most industrial fuels, solvents and chemicals.



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