Terminology You Should Know When Dealing With Jacks

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What terminology should I know when buying connector jacks?

Terminology You Should Know When Dealing With Jacks

If you are looking to buy Ortronics connector jacks or other types of jacks, you will run across the terminology "category 5e" a lot. Here is some terminology you should know, courtesy of lanshack.com:

  • Category 5 (or cat 5) UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable is a multipair (usually four pair) high performance cable that is made up of a twisted pair of conductors used mainly for data transmission. The twisting of the pairs makes the cable more immune to unwanted interference. This is the most common type of cabling system in the United States.
  • Category 5e (or cat 5e) cable: the same as category 5 except it is enhanced. It is recommended over category 5 for all new installations.
  • Category 5 SCTP (screened twisted pair): a category 5 cable where the twisted pairs are given additional protection from unwanted interference from an overall shield.
  • Category 5e patch panel: a series of many category 5e jacks condensed onto a single panel.
  • Category 5e patch cable: a length of category 5e cable with an RJ-45 male connector crimped onto each end.
  • Category 6 (or cat 6) cable: same as category 5e, except it is made to a higher standard.
  • EIA/TIA 568A standard: since 1991 it has been the standard for connectivity. This set the minimum standards for category 5e cable and hardware. The 568 "standard" should not be confused with 568A or 568B wiring schemes, which are themselves part of the 568A standard.



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