Assembling Keystone Jacks

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How do you assemble a Keystone jack?

Assembling Keystone Jacks

Here is how to perform a Keystone jack installation and a Keystone jack termination with Keystone RJ-45 (network jacks), RJ-12 (telephone jacks) and miscellaneous jacks, courtesy of

  1. Strip the cable: trim the jacket of the cable back about an inch. If you damage the conductors, cut the cable off and start again. Fan out all four twisted pairs.
  2. Align the wires in the slots: following the instruction of the color-coded wire positions on the jack, lay the conductors into the punch down slots. Note that some connections will be at 90 degrees of the jack and others will go right out the back of the jack.
  3. Do a Keystone jack termination of the wires in the slots: the RJ-45 jack inserts are self terminating. A plastic header is included that is snapped down over the connector and provides a secure connection. Make sure that the wires are in the proper slot. Press the plastic header down over the wires until the header bottoms out on the top of the terminal.
  4. Install insert into wall plate: hook the bottom latch first and carefully push up on the insert, engaging the upper latch.



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