Octopus Power Strips For Bulky Adapters

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Why use octopus power strips?

Octopus Power Strips For Bulky Adapters

CableOrganizer.com Tip: Surge protectors and power strips allow you to plug all of your technology in at one location. However, when you have bulky power adapters to contend with, there is just not enough room to plug in everything on a basic rectangular power strip.

That is why octopus power strips were invented. Among the most popular is the Power Squid, which allows you to plug in all of your cumbersome adapters and plugs in one place, side-by-side. Flexible tentacles reach out to different lengths making room for big adaptors and plugs. Some products offer surge protectors and other features. These products are the answer to how you can plug in several forms of electronics in a tight or awkward space, as well. And unlike the real squid, they come in several nifty colors, including yellow and silver.



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